Apothecary Pots for each crafting level

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Apothecary Pots for each crafting level Empty Apothecary Pots for each crafting level

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 02, 2009 1:18 pm

-- Level 1
Chaos Powder- Recovers 2000HP for 30seconds; Saliva Root(10) + Nectar(10)
Moon Chaser Powder- Increases players speed by 40% for 15seconds; Saliva Root(15) + Ageratum(10)
Phosphorus Orb- Lessens players fire attack for 2mins; Golden Herb(15) + Nectar(10)
Wave Orb- Lessens players water attack for 2mins; Ageratum(15) + Golden Herb(10)
Darkwine Wood- Lessens players wood attack for 2mins; Saliva Root(15) + Ageratum(10)
Life Powder- Increases HP recovery rate by 50 per second for 10mins; Saliva Root(15) + Golden Herb(10)

-- Level 2
Stream Powder- Increases players speed by 70%; Tranquillia Herb(15) + Saliva(10)
Sickle Leaf Tea- Player gains 50chi instantly; Elderwood(15) + Nectar(10)
Jade Powder- Recovers 3000 mana for 30seconds; Realgar(10) + Golden Herb(5)
Crimson Blood Powder- Increases players channeling rate by 15% for 15seconds. Player suffers more damage; Palo Herb(15) + Ageratum(10)

-- Level 3

-- Level 4

-- Level 5

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