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Cleric AOE Grinding Recommendations Empty Cleric AOE Grinding Recommendations

Post by Raioh on Tue Jul 07, 2009 7:39 am

Cleric's AOE Grinding Recommendations

Recomended Skills and their levels:

  • Lv 10 Ironheart
  • Lv 8 Purify
  • Lv 8 Razor Feathers
  • Lv 1 Tempest
  • Lv 1 Siren's Kiss
  • Lv 10 Cleric Buffs

Recomended Mobs:

  • Mobs who only attack using poison.


  • Round the monsters up (in a similar fashion to a Blademaster)
  • Make sure that most of the monster end up grouped together.
  • If the mobs won't be close enough for Razor wings. Move your PC to fix this.
  • Use Ironheart as many times as neccesary. Try not to let your HP fall below 50%.
  • In between the cooldown of Razor wings use; attacks, heals, and purify.
  • Now and then throw in a Tempest or Siren's Kiss

Minor Tips:

  • Pay attention to the increase in the poison damage. The greater the acceleration of the poison, the more times you will have to use the skill Purify.
  • Becareful of your internet lag. If you believe that a lag will happen more frequently while playing, then avoid rounding up large quantities of monster where your 'Ironheart Blessing' won't be fast enough to heal you while your lagging.
  • Due to the frequent use of 'Purify', the player should be catious when using 'Siren's Kiss' as it uses up a spark. Pay attention to the amount of chi you have. For example: Having 1 spark and 0/99 chi. In this simple example it is recomended that the player does not use 'Siren's Kiss' as it will not leave you with enough chi to cast 'Purify' in case of emergency
  • When your are able to use the 'Double Spark Eruption Skill' you can also use it to recover 10% of your Mana Points as well as increase the Magic Attack of your character. So one playing style might perform these actions: Use a low level heal skill such as 'Blessings of the Purehearted' or 'Wellspring Surge' repeatedly to gain chi and hopefully of the MP consumption of these low level skills are heavy enough to have the 10% MP recovery annulled.

Side Notes:

Poison doesnt do any damage to the armor endurance, therefore there will be no repairs for them neccesary, EXCEPT for your weapon. Your weapons endurance will decrease everytime you use it. In about one hour's worth of AOE grinding, you approximately should only spend around, give or take, 1000 coins to repair your weapon.

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