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Post by Admin on Mon Jun 22, 2009 2:51 pm

This is for people who actually appreciate the fact we are all on a pvp server.

If you are going to go out and pk other players make sure you're in a squad with someone same lvl or higher, we don't take kind to members QQing in guild/world chat about being pk'd themselves. Always remember to buy dolls if you're not going to hang around safe zone until your hours are up or keep a scarlet fruit handy. Don't kill people from large guilds like QQme, Kingdom, Crimson, or Kylin we don't need any KOS from them. Killing guild members is only ok if you're messing around but don't randomly go up to them while they are questing or something and kill them.

During TW we'd like it if you only kill the guild we plan on going up against (but only if we're for certain we'll win bidding). Don't complain if they're ganging up on you just ask for some help via pm or in guild chat but don't spam about it.

If you're below our required lvl (we change it almost every other week) don't get hours than how long you'll be able to be on, we don't need low lvls with 10hrs+ or even 2hrs

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