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Rules Of Quests & Cultivation Empty Rules Of Quests & Cultivation

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 18, 2009 1:36 pm

If you see something wrong don't spam the topic just leave a simple message saying what's incorrect and give the correct information if you have it.


All of these are copied from the PWI forums so most of all the mistakes in them would have been changed by now if not just search them in the forums and tell me if I need to update on any

Since lvl's 1-19 differ with class/race I cannot post them nor will I take the time to find out what they all are. Everyone in the guild should be lvl's 19+.

Feel you when I’m restless
Feel you when I cannot cope
You’re my addiction, my prescription, my antidote
You kill the poison
Ease the suffering
Calm the rage when I’m afraid
To feel again
How can I tell you just all that you are
What you do to me

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