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Cultivation Lvl's 50-59 Empty Cultivation Lvl's 50-59

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Level 59 Spiritual Cultivation
-Continued on from quest "Kill Luminoc Architect"
System message upon reaching level 59. Must have finished the level 49 Cultivation Quest: Kill Luminoc Architect

1. Speak to The Celestial One (469, 568) Heaven's Tear
-Reward (Exp: 100 Rep: 12)
2. Continue on to quest "The Challenge"

The Challenge
-Continued on from quest "Spiritual Cultivation"

For the FB 59, the quests "The Challenge" (Spiritual Cultivation), "Heaven's Trial" (Level 58 Challenge Quest), "Call of Duty: Sacredbeast" (Level 59 Challenge Quest) and the end of "Mysterywood Fruit" (Level 55 Regular quest, part of a chain that starts with the quest "Outcast") should all be done together. FB 59 requires no mobs other than the bosses so it is recommended that one uses wine to save time.

Important information concerning the FB 59: The boss Gluttonix is currently bugged. It is possible to have the Call of Duty in the pillar and still not have it register the kill. The causes for this bug are unknown but a proven strategy for getting the kill is to put in the Call of Duty, and when the boss is at 50%, change the party leader. This will give the quest the "failed" status and return the Call of Duty to the original holder's inventory. The holder should then wait until the boss is at about 25%, then reinsert the Call of Duty. Another strategy is the insert the Call of Duty at the last minute but this strategy does not always work 100%. Another theory concerning the bug is that the person who inserted the Call of Duty must have the final hit, but this theory is unproven thus far.
Also, make sure you have ALL TEN PIECES OF MYSTERYWOOD FRUIT when you go into this FB. All you have to do for this is to talk to an NPC located deep within the dungeon. That is not worth a run unless you are participating in someone else's FB.

Another tip, this one as courtesy of Amiris, DO NOT leave the FB after you finish all the bosses. Don't leave your squad or the FB. For your cultivation, you are required to return to the lobby of the FB and farm the Transcendant Stone from the Platform there in order to complete the cultivation quest.

1. Speak to The Celestial One (469, 568) Heaven's Tear
-Kill 1 Violet Mantis (Located in the Valley of Metal inside the Valley of Disaster)
[Level 65] Gold Element BOSS. Long-range Metal Magic Attack

-Kill 1 Ofotis (Located in the Valley of Wood inside the Valley of Disaster)
[Level 65]Wood Element BOSS. Long-range Wood Magic Attack

-Kill 1 Qianji (Located in the Valley of Water inside the Valley of Disaster)
[Level 65]Water Element BOSS. Long-range Water Magic Attack

-Kill Raving Drake Brute (Located in the Valley of Fire inside the Valley of Disaster)
[Level 65]Fire Element BOSS. Long-range Continuous DOT Fire Magic Damage Attack

-Kill Gluttonix (Located in the Valley of Earth inside the Valley of Disaster)
[Level 65]Earth Element BOSS. Long-range Continuous DOT Fire Magic Damage Attack

2. Quest progresses when all 5 Beasts are defeated
-Collect 1 Transcendant Stone (Farmed at the entrance lobby of the Valley of Disaster from the Challenge Platform at around [406, 552]
3. Report to The Celestial One (469, 568) Heaven's Tear
Choose one:
-Choice 1: Raident Blade Charm: 30
-Choice 2: Normal Magic Charm: 10
-Celestone of Heaven/Human/Earth: 1 (Random)
-Reward (SP: 260000 Rep: 60)
Cultivation Rank changed to "Transcendant"
Chi build-up increased to two sparks
4. Continue on to quest "Meet the Elder"

Meet the Elder
-Continued on from quest "The Challenge"
1. Speak to the Elder of Archosaur (570, 648) East Archosaur
-Reward (Gold: 2100 Exp: 3500 SP: 800 Rep: 12)
2. Continue on to quest "Kill Oggo the Quillhog"

Kill Oggo the Quillhog
-Continued on from quest "Meet the Elder"
-Kill 1 Quillhog King (Located at [496, 318])
[Level 65]Non Element BOSS. Physical Melee attack
1. Report to the Elder of Archosaur (570, 648) East Archosaur
-Celestone of Heaven/Human/Earth or Celestone Fragmet: 1 (Random)
-Reward (Gold: 5900 Exp: 9800 SP: 2300 Rep: 12)
2. Continue on to quest "Level 69 Spiritual Cultivation"

Feel you when I’m restless
Feel you when I cannot cope
You’re my addiction, my prescription, my antidote
You kill the poison
Ease the suffering
Calm the rage when I’m afraid
To feel again
How can I tell you just all that you are
What you do to me

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