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Teh Rules Of This Forum Empty Teh Rules Of This Forum

Post by Admin on Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:22 pm

'Ello this is your Almight Admin speaking xP

I just have a few rules and a few Q&A to give you all. First off I'll set some ground rules that will be forum only unless told otherwise.

1. Don't bully
2. If you have a problem pm me or a mod
3. If you want your name changed don't make a new account tell me though pm
4. Don't bug me about being a mod
5. Mobs can ban people just like I can so don't abuse(mods) and take note of it(members)
6. Every class will have their own group/color (mods excluded); Don't ask me to change the color
7. I'm only as active as the members so if the calendar, events, sign-ups etc etc aren't up to date that's why
8. When the forum is on "Holiday" no one is allowed to register; pm me if you need to register (again)

o- o Well that's all that I can think of as of now I might add more as the guild expands and the more people annoy me about something I won't change or need to look into.

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